Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do we start? What’s involved?
It’s simple, call 1300 064 991 or complete our Contact Us form.

You will speak to one of our customer service team who will take your details and ask you some pertinent questions to ensure we have your needs identified. They will then pass on that information to our Care Matchers who will be in touch to assist you in meeting those needs.
How do we pay Care Matcher the package fee?
Once you choose from one of our packages you will be invoiced accordingly to the amount listed on the package price.

Packages 1 and 2 need to be paid prior to receiving services.

If you select package number 3 and you choose from one of our preferred providers – your placement fee is paid by the provider upon placement.

If you select package 3 and you select a provider who is outside of our preferred list you will be invoiced upon confirmation of placement.

Payments can be made by direct deposit or via credit card. Please note credit card fees will incur additional charges.
What happens if I want to choose a provider that is not a partner of Care Matcher?
Our system allows for clients to choose whichever provider they feel is best suited to their needs and the one that they wish to be placed with. The difference is that if a client chooses a provider that is not a partner of Care Matcher, the client will then be responsible for the payment of services. If the provider is a partner of Care Matcher, the provider pays the service fee.
How will clients be informed of their options?
Clients will either speak or meet with one of our Care Matcher placement consultants. They will be informed of all the options available to them for care, both verbally and in writing. Each customer will be given a written report that shows them the details of care, including comparisons between providers and information on services provided. This will be delivered via email to the client.
What happens if I change their mind on a placement?
If a client changes their mind prior to the placement occurring / services occurring, then the placement fee will not be charged.

If the client changes their mind after being placed in a facility or starting home care services due to not being happy with the facilities / providers services, the placement fee will stand and be payable however Care Matcher will work with the customer to place them with a different provider.
What happens if a client doesn’t pay their package fee?
No work will occur if the fee for packages 1 and 2 have not been paid.

We will always try to work with a client on the reason for non-payment and hope to achieve the best outcome for both parties involved before any further action will be taken.

In the unfortunate circumstance that the client does not pay the fee as agreed, and an alternate agreement cannot be reached, then the invoice will be sent to debt collection and the client could incur additional debt collection fees, including interest on any outstanding payments.
Are there any conflicts of interest?
There are no conflicts of interest as we will provide all options of care and the client can choose for themselves, we will also make it clear who our partners are and that options are not swayed by our partnerships