Residential Aged Care

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Residential Aged Care

For those requiring high quality care due to higher needs, residential aged care provides everything an individual may need. Finding the right fit for you depends on a number of factors, and our Care Matchers can assist you in identifying your needs and finding the most suitable solution.

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Residential Aged Care

There are many factors that contribute to choosing a residential aged care facility, and our Care Matchers can help you understand those factors and find the best solution. They will discuss your individual situation, and provide recommendations that are the most suitable for your needs.

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Specific care needs

Options are available for specific needs and requirements, not limited to:

Dementia Care

Occupational Therapies

Culture & Language


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Our Process

Our Care Matchers will guide you through the entire process and be your advocate

Get Started

Choose a Care Matcher

Connect with your chosen Care Matcher via a call or meeting

Review your options

Personalised care options for you to review and discuss

Select a care package

Let us advocate and complete the paper work for you


For a full list of services, inclusions and costs, visit our Fees page :

It’s simple, call our 1300 number or click on “Talk to an advisor near me” on our homepage.

Once you have made contact we will ask some simple questions to understand your needs. This information will be passed on to one of our expert Care Matchers who will be in touch to arrange a call to discuss your options and assist you in servicing your needs.

Once you choose from one of our packages you will be invoiced accordingly for the amount listed.

Packages 1 and 2 need to be paid prior to receiving services.

If you select package number 3 and you choose from one of our preferred providers – your placement fee is paid by the provider upon placement.

If you select package 3 and you select a provider who is outside of our preferred list you will be invoiced upon confirmation of placement.

You will either speak or meet with one of our Care Matcher placement consultants. You will be informed of all the options available to you for care, both verbally and in writing.

Each client will be given a written report that shows the details for care, including comparisons between providers and information on services provided.

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Support through each step

We believe that regardless of your financial means you should have access to quality information and advice along life's transitions.